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Z-20 Medium-Lift Utility Helicopter, Chin

  1. Z-20 design and features. The Z-20 is widely believed to have been designed on the basis of the Sikorsky S-70 Black Hawk that was procured from the US. The Black Hawk fleet has been in service with China for over three decades. The Z-20 helicopter is identical to the Black Hawk in terms of shape, size and layout
  2. The Z-20 is a copy of the Sikorsky S-70 which is a basic military utility helicopter of the US Army where it is known as the UH-60 Black Hawk. The original helicopter is also in widespread use worldwide. It appeared that Sikorsky licensed production of this helicopter in China for non-military use. It seems that China is violating this agreement
  3. The Z-20, which has been an elusive beast since taking its first flight a couple years ago, differs from the Black Hawk in a number of small ways. Noticible changes include the cockpit area.
  4. The Z-20's story is a unique one in itself, as most don't realize that China was a purchaser of the Black Hawk in the '80s, during a period of time when the United States was exporting some.
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Z-20(拼音: zhíshēng-20, 簡: 直升-20 )は中国航空工業集団有限公司傘下の中航工業直昇機設計研究所(英: China Helicopter Research and Development Institute, CHRDI )およびハルビン飛機工業集団有限責任公司(英: Harbin Aircraft Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. (HAIG) )が設計し 、HAIGが生産する 、多用途中型ヘリコプタ Z-Twenty. 57 likes. Product/Servic

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Here's Our Best Look Yet at China's Black Hawk Clone, the Z-2

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